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Jobs and growth: Bigger Coporations Are Doing Better Than SMEs

The latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey shows that the Net Employment Outlook (NEO) for small businesses is  up one percentage point since last quarter, to +8, and is also +8 for medium businesses.

Jamie Butterworth, General Manager, Manpower Australia, said “While large businesses reported a strong NEO of +23 per cent – up 12 percentage points year-over-year – growth has not been as solid for SMEs ..."

Butterworth went on to say “The main concern we’re hearing is not that businesses can’t find employees but that they are struggling to find candidates with the right skills. ...  the majority of businesses are concerned about whether their workforce has the skills required to keep pace and adapt to changes being driven by digital advancement.”

And what is your business clue from this news? You need to focus on driving growth. The Corporates are getting ahead of us!

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Business Conditions Push To A Multi-Year High

Business conditions unexpectedly surged ahead in the January, pointing to very strong levels of business activity at present - as reported in the January edition of the NAB Monthly Business Survey. See the complete survey results in a new window here.

The business conditions index (an average of trading conditions (sales), profitability and employment) jumped 6 points, to +16 index points, which is well above the long-run average for the series (+5).

Meanwhile, business confidence also posted a stronger result in the month, rising 4 points to +10 index points. This echoes the tone set by financial markets since late last year.

With on-going weakness in retail conditions, NAB Economics still sees concerns for the longer-term growth picture. The contribution from LNG exports, temporarily higher commodity prices and the residential construction boom are likely to fade, and keep pressure on the labour market.

There was also a noticeable jump in employment conditions, although profits were unchanged at solid levels. According to Mr Alan Oster, NAB’s Chief Economist,  “the employment index has now hit its highest level since 2011, having previously been stubbornly muted for some time. This month’s jump in employment conditions bodes well for the generally under-performing labour market, and suggests stronger job creation than we have seen from the ABS in their Labour Force Survey lately.”

And what is your business clue from this news? Conditions have improved dramatically and unexpectedly - so sell hard! Maximise gross profit against a possible downturn if these one-off factors subside unexpectedly too!

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