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Retailers “On the Brink” Hey? Some Are Doing Well!

 At a time when retailers are lining up to bemoan the rise of online shopping and skittish consumers, Super Retail reported pre-tax profit growth across its auto (up 6.1 per cent), leisure (up 36.6 per cent) and sports (up 17.4 per cent) divisions.

Chief executive Peter Birtles said the company would build on its success by improving service and ensuring its online and physical stores delivered for customers.

"The keys to our future success will be to offer our customers the inspiring solutions and engaging experiences that will enable them to enjoy their leisure passions at the same time as enabling them to shop the way they want, whether that's in store, at home or at work or by clicking and collecting," he said. (See Matthew Dunckley's full article for Fairfax Media here.)

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