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Retail workers average annual industry turnover of 41%!

A study tracked 30,000 employees who left their roles in 2016. The retail sector sample was 5721 workers, and showed Generation Z employees (in retail) leave after just 9 months on average. Baby Boomers (in retail) have an average tenure of 24 months.

With the ability of workers to more freely move between jobs, getting the right person and then retaining them is becoming a key financial concern for retailers. Staff churn generally costs between $30,000 and $50,000, and that is getting close to a person's full time wages payment. Think of the money you save by spending time with your new retail employee!

Some reasons given are: retail not being seen as a viable career option; poor recruitment processes culminating in the ‘wrong hire'; and poor management of staff resulting in reduced engagement.

But there are potential benefits associated with workers moving between jobs. You get new ideas, new perspectives and renewed enthusiasm. This workforce trend has fuelled a trade-off between labour mobility and job stability.

Here's your business clue: If your retail staff is constantly a problem to you, it may be that your expectations need adjusting to today's conditions. Staff need good induction - not just a 'quick whip round the floor', and detailed, specific, in-store training. See if you can tackle and extend this 'short-stay' mind set, by engaging your staff really well!

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