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Amazon Is Coming! There's Plenty To Learn While We Prepare.

It is expected that Amazon will launch a retail sales campaign in Australia sometime this year. How can recent history help us prepare for this coming change?

First: It is wise to expect that programs and technology Amazon will use will be the tried and tested versions successful in other markets. The roll out will be big and fast!

Second: Amazon will change customer expectations of service levels for the whole e-commerce industry.

Third: Amazon is just another new competitor to keep you on your toes. Don't obsess about them.

Fourth: If you offer better service value to the customer, they will buy from you instead of Amazon.

Fifth: If you were to decide to actually sell on Amazon, (that is, if they decide to open up the 'Amazon Marketplace' in Australia), you’re going to have spend some time learning how to do that.

Sixth: Amazon will change perceptions of the website experience and ease of use, but mainly it will change expectations for speedy delivery.

Seventh: Amazon is great at getting people to shop on-line. That means they help to grow the market, and that helps everyone.

Eighth: The 'Cross Border Marketplace' means that Amazon can introduce a range of US and European product into the Australian marketplace at launch. At least, the could do it very early in their roll-out.

Ninth: With the mass of Amazon coming into the Australian e-commerce market, you should expect online customers to become more savvy at buying on-line.

Tenth:The more savvy customers become, the more you will need to focus on building a great customer experience when shopping (in-store or on-line) with you!.

Here's your business clue: Every business needs needs to sell. Amazon is teaching us new ways to do that. Now is a good time to do some homework in preparation!

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