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Boris Has a Twin

(and it's not the British PM!)

We're all itching to get going and growing again after COVID 19. Smart people are looking for ways to leverage what's happened to create new opportunities.  Here is one powerful opportunity!
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Clues From The News!

Secret To Sales Success

Kogan has broken through the slump that affected many retailers over the Christmas period, delivering record gross sales and profit for its first half of FY2020, as well as a 20.8 per cent growth on net profit. The continued growth of Kogan marketplace has led to a transition period for the company.

The company says further enhancing the Kogan Marketplace platform will enable it to achieve ongoing growth without relying on inventory and associated capital requirements and constraints.

And what is your business clue from this news?
Aggressively investing in your uniqueness multiplies your strengths!

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Round Out Your Customer's Experiences

H&M, the Swedish fashion house, has revealed plans to launch an e-commerce site in Australia.The chain opened in Australia in 2014 without introducing e-commerce at the time, and now has 40 stores Australia-wide.

H&M offers click-and-collect and next-day delivery in other markets, and supports visual search on its site. This new facet will complete H&M's Australia’s multichannel offering, providing 24/7 access to its fashion goods, and creating new customer experiences.

And what is your business clue from this news?
There's no substitute for sound retailing, but adding e-commerce to give a complete retail experience is really necessary these days.

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