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A new survey by PayPal has 68% of Australian shoppers always on the lookout for a sale or discount. Unless you can live on just 32% of the market, your merchandising will have to pitch at these buyers.
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Clues From The News!

Small and Medium Business Now Attractrive to Hackers and CyberCriminals

A raft of recent surveys from Australia and abroad has identified small business as the surprising target of cyber hackers around the world. They are usually more vulnerable to attacks than larger businesses.

Although small businesses have far less to steal as a result of a cyber attack, the sheer number of small businesses means that there is a large number of vulnerable targets, according to a 2018 report by computer giant Cisco.

Last week, Telstra released a survey of IT professionals from more than 300 Australian companies. It found 81 per cent had experienced a ransomware incident (where company information was stolen and held for ransom) and 51 per cent paid the ransom.

The country’s biggest 'small business' bank is exploring ways to help its customers improve their defences against cybercrime.

National Australia Bank is reviewing ways it can assess data it has collated about when and how its customers have been subject to cyber-attacks, and those customers which are impervious to such ambushes. Keeping safe on-line is do-able, but you have to plan, and be rigorous.

And what is your business clue from this news? Force yourself to think about being secure on-line. Keep customer data specially safe. Don't email customer information, back-up data off-line and off-site!

Contact us to discuss how to integrate your response to these issues into your business - without any obligation.

The article from which these quotes were drawn appeared in 'The Age' on April 22. See the full Sarah Danckert article here.


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