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On-Line Sales Growth Lifts Major Aussie Retail Group!

Renowned Australian retail group, Premier Investments, has announced very strong retail growth, with top line sales increasing 7 per cent. Sales in like-for-like (LFL) stores increased 2.4 per cent on a constant currency basis.

Analysis reveals that its first half on-line sales grew 71.2 per cent over the first half of FY17! On-line sales now represent 10.2 per cent of Premier’s sales.

Mark McInnes, Premier CEO, said the company’s online division now expects to reach Premier’s 2020 target of $100 million in annual online sales in the current calendar year.

Did you notice that? On-line sales up 71.2%! The on-line target for 2020 to be reached in 2018. $100 million in on-line sales!

And what is your business clue from this news? You can ignore making sales on-line. But you really shouldn't, should you?

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