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The Future's Fine for SME's

With fine margins and fine-grained control of expenses, we've reached a 'new normal' for Small and Medium Enterprises. Add in low interest rates, and low sales growth calling for mighty fine new ways to get business, it's time to be strong. Taking a whole new look at what we've got and what we know, will guarantee a fine future.
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Clues From The News!

Don't Underestimate Amazon

A former Amazon executive reckons Aussie retailers have what it takes to beat the US e-commerce giant at its own game. But they need to act fast.

When Amazon announced it was launching in Australia in 2017, analysts were quick to predict the end times for local retailers. "Two years on and while that hasn’t happened yet, it likely will if Australian businesses don’t step up their game", comments former Amazon executive Jon Reily.

Analysts have found that it typically takes the e-commerce giant up to 7 years to cement its dominance in a new market. Having arrived in Australia at the end of 2017, that still leaves some time on the retail Doomsday clock. Australia’s e-commerce market is expected to swell in the coming years presenting a huge opportunity for both Amazon and its Australian competitors, according to Reily.

And what is your business clue from this news?
Amazon is working in the background. Gear up now, while there is still time!

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