Your Confidential Data is Safe

My Red Zebra jealously guards your confidentiality

Our Confidentiality Policy

Because the relationship between the consultant and client is based on becoming your trusted advisor, we always respect your confidentiality.

Clients Must Disclose Information

During the currency of any consultancy, it will be necessary for you to disclose confidential information related to the conduct of your business. The data required consists (along with other material) of the financial reports and projections for your trading operations, other financial data that may be required from time to time, along with other supplementary data concerning the staffing, occupancy and any structural financial arrangements for your business.

Material Not Independently Audited

The material you supply will not be independently audited, and you are required to hold that the information is true and correct to the limits of your reasonable knowledge, and representative of the ongoing conduct of the business.

My Red Zebra Depends on Client Data to be Correct and Timely

My Red Zebra will provide the service in good faith, and will depend on you to provide information which is correct and timely, and to use and apply the information supplied by the Consultant, in the form supplied and for the intended purpose.

My Red Zebra Holds Information Confidential

In accordance with our Consulting Charter, and Code of Professional Conduct, My Red Zebra undertakes that it will hold such information confidential, and not reveal to any other party any information obtained during the conduct of any consultancy, unless we are compelled by law to do so. My Red Zebra may disclose information concerning your company which is known to be already in the public domain.

Client Must Hold My Red Zebra Intellectual Property Confidential

In providing the consulting services offered, My Red Zebra will supply information which is intellectual property belonging to My Red Zebra, including but not restricted to, management concepts and computer software, and will licence you to use this information in the conduct of your business. By engaging My Red Zebra, you warrant that you will keep confidential any such intellectual property, and not reveal the intellectual property to any other party, or use any material provided by My Red Zebra to compete with My Red Zebra, or in any other way which is detrimental to the best interests of My Red Zebra.

Illustrative Data Must Used for the Intended Purpose And Not Disclosed

Similarly, we will disclose to you some typical data normally supplied in a formal client-consultant relationship. Because this information is used for illustration purposes only, it may not be directly applicable to your company. You must use it wisely, and you are not allowed to disclose this information to others.

Confidential information exchange is the basis of a long and rewarding association between us.