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April 2013 Now including My Local Pool Shop Monthly News.  
Overseas Retailer Comes to Australia on Back of e-Commerce Success
Max Williams
Principal Consultant

RETAIL SHOPPING in Australia is facing some really difficult adjustments. With shopping centre rents increasing, new shopping channels opening, and traditional retail chains massively re-inventing themselves, all retailers face serious challenges.

These challenges arise from, demography, government housing policies, changing consumer preferences, new competitors, and new forms of competition.

Generally, HomeMaker Centres have fared worst, because demand patterns from “baby boomers” have now shifted as they move into the “post-parenting” stage of life.

That impact has been exacerbated by the change in domestic property values. From the late 1990's, domestic property values went only upwards, but after the GFC, property values have been much more subdued.

As the “boomers” move on, the generations coming behind them now find home ownership is now edging towards unaffordability. The “millennials”, soon to replace the “baby boomers” as the most important retail spending group, face completely different demands and opportunities, leaving the HomeMaker Centre” out in the cold!

Adding to those woes, single person households, of which there are a growing number, require smaller living spaces, and fewer, smaller, “homemaker” products. According to ABS data, the household goods sector just delivered its fourth consecutive year of nominal sales growth of one per cent or less.

Meanwhile, even the very best fashion centres around the world are making the shopping experience in their stores more appealing through design and technology. The entry of Williams-Sonoma into the Australia "HomeMaker" market points a clear indicator for retail success.

Sonoma is confidently bringing in four design-rich but accessibly priced brands, and setting up shop where population density is high, the demographic is professional, and design is valued.

Sonoma, after all, is not coming in on a wing and a prayer - it found out how poorly Australians were being served and how desperate they were for something else primarily by using international e-commerce to identify significant demand for its product. The company was delighted at how well their product was received in Australia and now they are adding bricks and mortar retail shopping to that e-commerce base.

With an international retailer moving in on the back of e-commerce success, how long will it take Australian retailers to see the value of e-commerce as a key factor in creating vigorous growth within a powerful retail presence?

The publication of the April Edition is a little late because of delays due too a family illness. The May edition is expected out on time.

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OmniChannel Approach to Retrail

ricks and Mortar retailers are taking a combative approach to on-line retailing.  Retailers are lobbying for a reduction in the LVT from the current $1000, of some value in resisting overseas inroads to the local market, but is of no value against local on-line retailers.  Of which there are many!  Click to Read More!

Value Your Brand Assets
Some businesses are the proud possessors of assets that seemingly compel people to do strange things – like hand over money to possess an element of them.
Branding assets are many
Brand assets are the stuff of witchcraft! Usually a name, but often a sound, a colour or a phrase. Even simply a shape, a smell, a taste, or sometimes a face.

All of these things are called branding mnemonics. They are as much an asset as a building, patent, intellectual property, cash, or any other acknowledged and fiercely protected asset.

Despite what the creative media community would have you believe, branding is not created in the vacuum of your office, or after hours in your living room. Your branding is created by the myriad of interactive touchpoints your customers have with your business.

GoAs business assets, these branding elements are incredibly powerful. Click to Read More.


"The Plain-Speaking Business Person's" Guide to making the most of a web site is now up to Chapter 5.

Latest chapter update available now.

First chapter of our new e-book

Now in Chapter 5 we show you how you how easy it can be!

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Click and Collect The New Way To Go Shopping
The internet retail revolution has taken a surprising turn in which independent store owners can play a happy and prosperous role!
Click and Collect
It is a terrible industry buzz word. But it is becoming clear that "click and collect" holds the secret to the future for the independent retailer.

The concept is very simple and very counter-intuitive. You, the customer, buy something on-line. Then, rather than wait for the postman to ring the doorbell three days later, you go to the shop and collect it yourself.

Delivery charges are generally cheaper than by post, or even waived. There is a big opportunity for small, local retailers, to get a substantial piece of this action.

It seems that a full decade after on-line retailing began to get traction, internet shoppers are finally getting service and convenience. And smaller retailers turn out to be a big player in the on-line revolution - getting some leverage at last for your local store!   GoClick to Read More

Brightly Signed Ute
It Pays To Advertise

One of the golden rules of effective advertising is "Stand out from the crowd".

We show two examples of vehicle signage that certainly achieve that!

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