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February 2013 Now including My Local Pool Shop Monthly News.  
Bright New Style & Fresh New Content for ‘Management Memos’ Goes Astray
Max Williams
Principal Consultant

FOR 2013 we have created a bright new look for 'Management Memos', and in due course you'll come to see it as a reflection of the new style of "Windows 8" from Microsoft.

This new style carried over into the message email we sent to announce the arrival of our new baby. But Microsoft and their 'MS Outlook' email client managed to defeat us.

Regrettably, the rendering of that email in the 'Outlook'  mail application was just awful. It could hardly be read!

We certainly apologise for that, and trust that this month you will see the email as it should be seen.

The Editorial Column is reduced this month due too a family illness. We hope to return to full strength next month.

My Red Zebra
Working With
‘My Red Zebra’

We develop the culture of 'the trusted advisor'. That way, we're always on hand to answer questions, deal with issues, and respond too any relevant topic. That makes it a long term arrangement. Our rate is calculated on your sales value, and charged on a 'retainer basis', so when you do well, we do well.

We'll work with you to deliver on this simple proposition:

We will Help You Make Measurably More!

It's a simple offer. Uncompromising.

Inescapable. And like all good offers, it comes with conditions.

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Building Customer Satisfaction

o matter what business you’re in, trading with you has to be easy, comfortable, and satisfying. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it, but it’s amazing how many business and marketing managers forget this underlying truth!
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Presidential Election Campaign Excels in Getting Out Targetted Messages
Obama showed that he can reach out and ‘touch' individuals in a country with non-compulsory voting country, and undergoing its greatest ever demographic changes.

The Presidential campaign showed the power of social media in a mass communication campaign.  Here was a political campaign that reached  individuals in different and personalised ways.

You Tube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media channels created a campaign that ultimately went viral.

GoAs a retailer, imagine what you could do if you turned your sales team into an organisation that got out messages as effectively as the Obama campaign?

Living With a Website, and Loving It!
First chapter of our new e-book

"The Plain-Speaking Business Person's" Guide: Living With A Website And Loving It!" continues with Chapter 3 available now.

In Chapter 3 we explain why owning your own website but not fully controlling it, really does matter.

GoDownload the full book - so far. Click Here Now

My Local Pool Shop
Compelling Customer Experiences Need On-Line Engagement
When many traders think of on-line commerce, they think of providing digital storefronts that are convenient, and cost effective. In these circumstances, price is assumed to be the primary catalyst for on-line shopping.

The world has moved on. Today, the second wave of on-line commerce is about producing compelling, customer-focussed, on-line experiences that accentuate the pleasures of shopping off-line.

If you really want to take your retail outlet (in whatever category or industry) into a new generation of growth and profitability, you will need to generate customer experiences that bind shoppers to your store.

Achieving this requires skill and experience, because the 'digital savvy' customer is highly connected, time poor and inundated with retail options. Options that lead to your competitors! Go Click to Read More

Retail Growth to be Slow for 2013

"Many retailers will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel in 2013, but they shouldn't hope for a miracle." concludes Inside Retail's "Australian Retail Outlook" for 2013.

Retail shop

Last year saw small business under pressure, particularly with cashflow. Now the tide appears to be slightly turning, with a stronger 2013 predicted from a survey of retailers by 'Inside Retail'.

In that survey, 44% of respondents expected to see only little improvement, and 26% expected no change, while 30% expected 2013 to be worse than 2012.


“A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now.”

- Nolan Bushnell

If you'd like to find out more about how to make measurably more in your business right now, talk to us, or ask us a question here! Remember, there's no charge or obligation.

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McNicol Williams Management & Marketing Services is a Small Business Advisor listed with the Small Business Victoria, and has presented The Red Zebra program under its auspices. This listing requires that the first hour's consultation is always free. So when we say "No charge or obligation", we mean it!

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