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January 2013 Now including My Local Pool Shop Monthly News.  
Bright New Style, Fresh New Content in 2013 for ‘Management Memos’
Max Williams
Principal Consultant

2013 sees the introduction of a new style for ‘Management Memos’, along with new and expanded content!

The business environment is constantly changing, making it all the more necessary to maintain a program of 'continuous improvement'.

Amalgamating the monthly news updates for our first on-line sales platform, "My :Local Pool Shop", along with each month's news content for 'Management Memos', has increased the demand for space in each issue.

Specific news items previously published in our 'Client Brief', now also appear in 'Management Memos', because the information is of value to a much wider group. This is yet another way to get information on good management more widely published.

Optimising content for mobile devices becomes more important as every day goes by. The new design allows a range of improvements in this arena to be added over coming months and years.

New, modern, 'tile' design, as shown on the latest Microsoft 'Windows 8' Start screen, shows the way to get improved mobile optimisation, using the latest in design ideas.

This new generation design approach uses simpler, more open graphics, and give greater access to content. It means easier printing for those readers who regularly print articles for future reference.

Overall, we expect the new layout to give you easier, quicker insights into each month's content, and quicker, easier, access to the items that specifically interest you.

We hope you'll find the new design makes 'Management Memos' even more useful, and more helpful during the coming year.

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Merchandising is Key in 2013

ood managers are always looking at the business environment, adjusting their business activities to suit. 2013 promises real challenges with weak growth, and prices on a wide range of goods heading down. Permanently. Success will come to businesses, (whether retail or business-to-business) who run effective merchandise campaigns all year long. And only those! Click to Read More!

‘Pop-up’ and Mobile Stores Add To Pressure On Bricks & Mortar Retailers
Rapid developments in retail operations continue to increase pressure on bricks & mortar retailers. Perhaps this is this an opportunity for forward thinkers?

Selling goods out the back of a truck isn't new. It's been around for eons.Before there were trucks, it was a cart or even a donkey.

Food is sold all over the world by mobile retailers. Buy coffee on the Pittwater in Sydney from the Coffee Boat, or a "floater" from "Cowley's Pie Cart" in Adelaide, and so on.

GoNow other forms of traditional retailing are taking to the road to reduce costs and increase profits. Click to Read More

"Plain-Speaking Business Person's" Guide to Owning a Website
First chapter of our new e-book

"The Plain-Speaking Business Person's" Guide: Living With A Website And Loving It!" continues with Chapter 2 available now.

In Chapter 1, we focussed on how you to take ownership of your website. You probably hit a brick wall. Now, in Chapter 2 we explain why - then next month we'll show why all this matters.

GoDownload the full book - so far. Click Here Now

My Local Pool Shop
‘Omni-Channelling’ Merchandising Uses On-Line Sales to Bind Customers Tightly
On-line shopping not only allows for retail convenience, but also gives you the chance for retail personalization. It's all part of binding your customers tightly to your store.

Retailers generally, that is, of the "bricks and mortar" variety, treat the internet as a threat. Think of it as the enemy. Work hard to blunt its impact. Try to avoid it. And so they miss the point, and fail to use and develop one of the most powerful tools they have ever had.

Once a customer has experienced your powerful in-store merchandising, introduced by your SMS and email messages, the next thing is to actually get an on-line order.

Then they know that they can trust you to deliver quality, value, and dependability. As well as the absolute convenience of on-line shopping. Now, watch your business grow! Go Click to Read More

'WING' Mobile Money Takes Off

From a concept that was originally known as 'SMS Banking', mobile money has spread across developing countries the world over. 

Mobile MoneyGSMA's Mobile Money Tracker currently shows 129 live deployments, with another 91 planned,

Officially launched in January 2009, WING's objective was to develop a secure mobile payments model that makes low-cost transactions accessible to everyone. In addition to , WING offers simple deposit, withdrawal and domestic remittance products, with bill payments, payroll, and business-to-business payments for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mobile Money is just one more indication that the digital world brings change in every aspect of our lives. Keep watching!


The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett Marden

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