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There's a Goldmine in Your Office!

Hey!...   Just where is this 'goldmine'?   How do I get the gold? Read on!

Estimates vary, but it's generally agreed that a new contact costs at least three or four times more to bring to the purchase a decision, than it does to make the same sale to a previous customer.

What about the cost of generating sales leads that go nowhere? When you have an interested lead, it's on the way to being money in the bank. 

And sales leads that have gone cold? That's money spent but achieved nothing - so far!

Proper, cost effective marketing must always include keeping effective contact. Get help to find your gold!

  • You don't have a database. Right?
    You will need a good one. We can supply the ideal small business marketing database, and set it up to make your life a lot easier
  • .
  • Oh! You do have a database in your accounts system (or some other application)?
    Sorry to say, these are usually good databases - just not good at getting your marketing done easily and effectively! We'll get you a better database marketing tool - one that really does work.

  • You don't know how to make best use of the database you've already got?  
    Fine. We can show you how to make the most of it, and train your staff to do the best with what you have. Then we'll show you how to get a good database!

  • Australian Made!
    The database program we'll show you is built in Australia on the famous Microsoft Access database engine.
    Guaranteed performance.
    Guaranteed support!

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Good brand images are instantly evoked, are positive, and are almost always unique among competitive brands. Evidence shows that the feelings and images associated with a strong brand are powerful purchase influencers.

Variety may be the spice of life, but not when it comes to marketing your business?especially when you're creating a brand image to set you apart from the competition. So what if you're not Nike or Coke? You still need a unique and professional brand image.

Hey! What is a 'brand image'? After all is said and done, your 'brand image' is simply how your company is perceived by customers and prospective customers. Brand image is something every business has - even if you haven't tried to develop either a brand or an image, There will always be the customer perception of what your business is, and that becomes your brand, and your brand image! Like it, or not!

The term "brand image" gained popularity as evidence began to grow that consumers buy not only a product (commodity), but also the image associations of the product, such as power, wealth, sophistication, and most importantly identification and association with other users of the brand. In a consumer led world, people tend to define themselves and their "persona" by their possessions. The feelings and images associated with a brand were powerful buying influences, though brand recognition, recall and brand identity.

Good brand images are instantly evoked, are positive, and are almost always unique among competitive brands. Brand image can be reinforced by brand communications such as packaging, advertising, promotion, customer service, word-of-mouth and other aspects of the brand experience.

Brand images are usually evoked by asking consumers the first words/images that come to their mind when a certain brand is mentioned (sometimes called "top of mind"). When responses are highly variable, non-forthcoming, or refer to non-image attributes such as cost, it is an indicator of a weak brand image.

In fact, a brand is unlikely to have just one brand image, but several, though one or two may predominate. The key in brand image strength is to identify or develop the most powerful images and reinforce them through subsequent brand communications.

There's no doubt that high quality brand communications lead to high quality brand perceptions. Then, there is no doubt that high quality brand perceptions lead to higher margins and faster sales. These examples of high quality, and highly evocative brand communications are from AJD Design, a world class, local design house. Sometimes we  collaborate with AJD on client projects. See more at

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