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  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Profit Improvement
  • Book-keeping services
  • Debtor Control
  • Debt Collection
  • Creditor Management
  • Stock Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Price Pointing
  • Ad planning
  • Ad production
  • Ad placement
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Brochure Design & Print
  • In-store Promotions
  • Product Ranging
  • Sign Design
  • Web Design
  • Corporate Image
  • Corporate Videos
  • Sales Improvement programs
  • Phone Answering
Staff & Recruiting
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Search
  • Job Design
  • Remuneration Strategies
  • Full Position Descriptions
  • Detailed Selection Criteria
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Key Performance Measures
  • Model Documentation
  • Organisational Design
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Relations Training
  • Sales Training
  • Sales & Marketing Databases
  • Accounting Systems

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get ready, now.   get ready to go!

At The Red Zebra Business Centre we know you’re facing impossible time pressures right now.

That’s why we have a lot of resources to get your New Year campaign up and running.

We do the work, and you get the results.

Tapping extra resources to drive your business harder always was a good idea!


he secret to winning top profits this financial year is to get a 'fast track' restart after Christmas. Right now you are far too busy. It’s the beginning of the ‘Great Australian Retail Rush’.

Australian retail industry really ‘pumps’ at this time of the year, and even if you’re not in retail, the flow-on affects all industries. By December 21 we’ll all be very, very ragged! Don’t be fooled! Keeping the cash register ringing now is more than a full time job - but it’s no substitute for making sure it will be ringing in the New Year!

So, what to do now?

What can you do when there's just no time to even think? Three things you’ll need.

  1.  Merchandising Plan
  2. What products (or services) from your range will the biggest group of your customers be wanting in late summer? Doesn’t matter if you’ll be selling a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people - the question is, “What will the biggest group of your customers be wanting?”.

    Build your merchandising plan around that product, and all the supplementary products you offer.

  3.  Promotional Plan
  4. After the New Year break, we all have lots to do. Recover from the holiday season. Get back to work. Get the kids back to school. Why would anyone be interested in buying anything from you? You need a promotion to remind them.

    A good promotional plan will focus customers’ attention on the special benefits of buying that merchandise now. And the benefits of buying from you!

  5.  Advertising Plan
  6. No good having a great merchandising plan and a great promotional offer, if no-one knows about it. So advertise, and by advertising to a specific promotion, you will get good results. Guaranteed.

    Fortunately, you already have an advertising plan for the whole year, so it’s just a matter of slotting in this promotion. Right? You don’t have an advertising plan? Oh Dear!

    Quick! Get started now - you will have to run the campaign in mid January, and that is almost here!

 If you'd like to find out more, talk to us, or ask us a question here! Remember, there's no charge or obligation, and you get a whole hour's consultation free. This same offer also applies in New Zealand.