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Office Move Completed

Relocation of our office is now finalised, with the new premises offering improvements in productivity and outlook.

Smaller (and more economical) than our previous location, this almost new ground floor office provides better natural light, better services, more modern, safer security for staff, and is surrounded by more compatible commercial services businesses.

New Office

No surprise. Our old building has been marked for replacement for some years. Demolition of the existing structure may yet be some months away, but the owners have delivered notices of termination to all current tenants. With many buildings slated for demolition in the area, a full scale rush for new sites is anticipated soon, and in that kind of environment, an early solution is a good solution.

Unfortunately, our new site was not available when expected, so our move was extended to cover a whole six weeks.

phone Phone Difficulties.
There was one major glitch in the move - a wholesale SNAFU by Telstra. For one whole week our phones were not available, and delivered the message "The number you have dialled has been disconnected". Bad enough, but then our fax number was, quite improperly and probably illegally, assigned to the domestic phone of a Telstra employee. Telstra be damned! Hallelujah for IPrimus!

It took a lot of 'heavy networking' to get it sorted, but we made it!  We apologise to those who tried unsuccessfully to phone us on fixed lines during that period.

Now the relocation is behind us, and work is once again in full swing!

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Maintaining the growth

In a survey five months ago, more than half the country's small business owners felt a recession is on the way as rising interest rates and global market instability takes it toll. Despite these challenges, few small business owners were making any plans to survive an economic downturn. Now, the likelihood of lowering rates means more changes are needed!

Confident Expectations of Growth, Despite 60% Negative Outlook
Recession worries have not dampened small business confidence about their own business performance. The March Small Business Survey by M.Y.O.B. found 57% of small business owners believed an economic recession would occur within the next three years, while 58% expect the economy to fare worse during the next 12 months. Despite this, the survey of 1,436 respondents found 54% of small business owners expect their business performance to be better in 12 months' time..

Why? Surprisingly, only 44% actually had a business plan, even though 83% consider planning to ensure survival to be important.

Well, now that the Reserve Bank seems prepared to admit that it slammed on the brakes too hard too soon, and interest rates look set to come down somewhat, how can we plan to take the biggest benefit from this policy shift?

Sustaining Growth is Challenge
The ability to sustain the rate of growth experienced over the past two years in current market expectations, is the biggest challenge facing the future. Over the last couple of years, many small businesses have seen fantastic growth, but the ability to sustain that is going to be an incredible challenge. Bernie Brooks, CEO of Myer put recently: "How do you innovate in the market with so many retailers, and their suppliers, now being the same? It's very hard to establish a point of differentiation, whether that be in the offer you have, the people you have, the technology you use, the infrastructure you have, or the customer offer. It's a challenge."

Brooks continued: "The other challenge is to be relevant to the consumer that is multi-faceted and changing so much by the day in what they buy, how they purchase and how they use the item. It becomes a challenge to be consumer led in your thought process."

Planning is Keybrand plan
There is little doubt (83% agree, remember?) that planning is the key. last month Management Memos (check here) emphasised the importance of establishing a good brand. Here is a planning model to guide you in developing your brand. Similar models available for every kind of business planning.

There are models available to help every business plan to succeed in rapidly changing economic times. It's absolutely vital. Keep it simple, and have a marketing plan, a buying plan, an advertising plan, a staffing plan, and a commercial plan. Of course you can do all this yourself, or ask for help to get the right model.

If you'd like to find out more, talk to us, or ask us a question here! Remember, there's no charge or obligation, and you get a whole hour's consultation free.

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