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Sometimes it takes something awful to remind us of how good we can be.  This true story reminds us how easy it is to be "right" and kill the sale.  Or, we can do it right, and win extra business and extra prosperity. 

I know.  It happened to me!  Just before Christmas, with about a week to go, I needed to buy a mobile phone for one of my sons returning from England.  He needed the phone number to help kick start his new medical practice here in Australia.  He had determined which telco he wanted to use, what plan was right for him, and what phone he needed.  Only the paperwork remained to be done.  At least, that's what I thought .....

1.    Rule One - Frustrate the customer as soon as you can. 
I approached the sales counter with all the information about the phone plan and the phone we needed written out on a note, explaining that I was buying a phone for my son who was in England.  Without realising it, I was giving that sales person her first "free kick".  It was her first real chance to stop the enemy (me) actually buying.

"He can't buy the phone unless he is actually here to sign for it himself" she said with great glee.  Here was one little "wood duck"who wasn't going to get past her and actually buy something.  No sireee Bob!

2.    Rule Two - Keep attacking the customer and never give an inch.
OK.  We solved that problem - I'll buy the phone.  I can add it to my existing account.   Well not without a letterhead in my hand I can't.  I must remember to always carry a spare letterhead, just in case it might come in handy.

The information for the existing account was in their computer.  Line by line she took the data off the screen and applied it to the new form.  For a while I thought it was an even contest.  Every line brought a new problem, and for every road block she found, I had an answer!  Little by little I was making headway.  For a while it was starting to look like I might actually buy a phone.

3.    Rule Three - There is always a way to kill the sale
 Then she found the king hit she had been searching for.   I wanted a phone on a "Business Plan", so  the account had to show an "ACN" number.  My account had been set up with an "ABN" number.

Changing it would take a month.  Now she could completely rule out me buying the phone now and getting a number before Christmas!  You could see her smile at this ultimate victory over customer power.

4.    Or, Do It the Right Way - and Help the Customer Buy!
Luckily, she has a Branch Manager who is very good at his job, saw what was happening, and took the right action to help me make what was a really simple purchase.

I had left the store in despair, but not in defeat.  I was going back to win this one!!  When I returned, the Branch Manager swung into immediate action.  He knew the whole story, knew my requirements, and knew how to make the system work for me.  He had done a heroic job in the time I was out of the store.  Full marks to him.

In less than ten minutes, the order was placed. He finalised the paperwork, and selected a good phone number from the random selection of SIM cards in the store.  Half an hour later when the phone had been activated, it was all over - and it was a success!

This had been "The Case of the Salesperson Who Killed the Sale" gone mad!  The Branch Manager  fixed all that.  He also made an extra sale of an email service on the phone that had not been part of the original requirement.

His positive attitude to helping me as a customer had made the sale, and he capped it off with selling an add-on, and making extra  commission.  Another step to maximising his prosperity.  All from a positive attitude to helping the customer!

Footnote:  We all do it sometimes. When a customer is talking your language in your store, you are in the power position.  It's  so easy to focus on what you or your system needs, that you forget what the customer needs!  Perhaps your New Year's resolutions will include focussing on "Helping Customers to Buy".  It will help you be much more prosperous this New Year!

If you'd like to see how your sales people can improve their sales effectiveness, you can  Talk to us Here!   Remember, there is no charge or obligation, and you can get a whole hour's consultation free.