Have you ever wondered why some people get good staff, and business seems to come their way, while others just can't get good people? Then, when you get good people, they go? Perhaps to start up in competition to you?

Let's look at this tough question!

right people
Selecting the Right People
Before you select the right people, you need to know that your are getting someone for the right job! That's right. You can't get the right people until you have the job properly defined More about that later, but for now, let's assume that you have the job properly "pegged".

Whether you get a prospective employee by advertising, referral or by "head hunting", you need to assess them according to the selection criteria you have developed Notice that even if you have identified a "head hunting" prospect and made an approach, the candidate still has to be assessed.

There is a mountain of awful stories of a "fantastic guy(woman) who has done an amazing job at .....", who, when making the change to the "head hunter's" company, has been a complete disappointment The reason? There was no assessment of the person against the new employer's selection criteria, and often there were no selection criteria anyway There has been a profound assumption, that mostly turns out to be wrong It has been assumed that the person is "good in this industry", and can easily transfer that good performance to another employer - you This assumption is so risky, and often so wrong!
right people_2 Head hunting and referrals are risky, but when you get respondents to an ad, you have even less to go on.

So how do you select? Well, that's like the panel beater who was asked the question "How do you get that curve so clean and smooth after panel beating?" His answer? "If you've got five years, I'll show you how!"

Our selection process looks at the three important facets of a person's career Can they do the job? Have they built a stable career? Will they fit your business culture? This process has been refined over twenty five years to give good and consistent results, every time.

We encourage you to use this approach You can go ahead and make your own selection Then again, would you panel beat your own car?

Finding Applicants
It's easy to get people to apply for the job Getting applicants that are really suitable is a lot harder Sometimes there are no people out looking, who would fit the job you want filled

Your job ad has to appeal to the right kind of applicant, and filter out the time wasters It has to attract people who "didn't know they want a change until they saw your ad" Sometimes, you will need to run two or three different ads appealing to different groups, until you get a response you need All this takes time, and it takes time away from you running your own business Outside help is a saving here, not a cost!

Occasionally, an apparently good candidate is a reluctant applicant. You can't do too much to encourage them to lodge an application, but a third party who knows the job and your needs, can help here At The Red Zebra Business Centre, we frequently work with potential applicants to determine whether or not they should apply Some really good appointments have come out of this direct involvement.

Do you want to approach a competitor's employee? A third party can do it more easily than someone who is directly involved, but the third party must know the position and what is needed.

selection criteria
Selection Criteria
One of the most misunderstood facets of the selection process is the creation of the selection criteria Many applicants don't know how to respond to a list of selection criteria, but good ones do.

You can write your own. Just be sure you have thought about them, and written them down Red Zebra selection criteria are carefully crafted to meet the individual needs of each position, based on more than twenty years' experience, and using ideas drawn from our library of successful appointments.

position description
Identifying the right job
This is actually the first thing to do, but it is often the least well considered You could almost write a book on the zillions of ways to get this part wrong "Helen" leaves, so we will replace "Helen" That's a mistake, and the first step on the way to disappointment.

You might need help to get this part right You need to consider your whole organisation, where you are now in your growth plan, and what people you will need to take the next step Easy to say, and some people can do it - but not many do The Red Zebra approach makes sure you do this, and has some great success stories Some people say Red Zebra position descriptions are too detailed - but those people have never used The Red Zebra We like to get it right all the time.

keep working
Keeping the person, once you've got them
There is more than one book - in fact a whole library of books - on this important issue It begins from the time you first run an ad! When you use the Red Zebra Recruitment Pak, you have a kit of tools that help you get the basics right.

Looking after your new employee takes care and dedication Red Zebra clients are not left alone here either, because all employers need some moderating third party to keep the relationship on track.

Reward and incentive? A veritable minefield, and not a good place to find yourself armed only with good intentions and a desire to be fair The Red Zebra can help you here too.

agree to pay

agree to pay
None of this comes free!
If you make a wrong selection, the cost is counted in tens of thousands of dollars By the time a wrong selection has been recognised and the person removed, it can have cost you al least $30,000 That's the lowest estimated cost we have seen, and it is often much more - not counting any legal or tribunal costs that might also apply After that, you still have the gap to fill, and you still need to start again.

It appears that even if you use the DIY recruiting path to save money, you can finish up paying - big time!! Almost worth paying a reasonable sum to get it right in the first place, isn't it?

Typical recruitment costs are 12.5% to 15% of the total emolument For a person on $20 per hour, or around $40,000 a year, the normal recruitment fee will be on the range of $5,300 to $6,500, plus GST (In all these things, any advertising is extra.) For 50 or 60 hours' work, such a fee is quite reasonable, but it is a lot of money.

At The Red Zebra Business Centre, recruitment comes as part of the package for registered clients For casual clients, our rate is 12.5% What a saving for registered clients!

If it costs so much, why do regular clients get it so cheaply? First, we know the client company, and what it needs, so briefing costs are avoided Second, the position description is usually derived as part of the normal consultations, so less time is required Third, we know where regular clients advertise effectively, so they can look after all the ad placements, we just write the ad Fourth, The Red Zebra BizStaff® program is well organised and efficient, so it takes less time for us Fifth, the recruitment replaces our normal consulting work for a time Sixth, the saving is a benefit enjoyed by loyal clients.


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