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Sales Campaign

the second step -

run a sales campaign!

T he second step to beating the adverse economic outlook this year, (all four steps were in January Management Memos) is to run a sales campaign. For many, sales today are running at disturbingly strong levels, and it's hard to manage demand. So why run a sales campaign? It's all about lead time. If you start a a campaign when you can see you need it, it's already too late!

The best sales campaigns build good customer value. They create long term sales growth, and lead to a very strong, long term market position. But they take time to build momentum. So if we want the strong upward momentum, it's no good waiting until the downturn begins. That's precisely the time you need the upward momentum!

Run a Consistent Campaign: Your sales campaign will be effective if you keep it going long enough to have real impact, and when it carries a consistent message. You don't have to make your campaign elements boringly repetitive, but you do have to have a consistent message. That message won't 'cut through' under three months exposure, so plan a campaign that will run at least six months.

Have a Clear Message: That message will be your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or in more modern language, your UVP (Unique Value Proposition). You may be promoting different products or services across a campaign, but your UVP is always going to be the same. Be clear on your value proposition before you begin, and keep it constant. All the time!

Appeal to Both the Heart and the Head: Everyone wants to be informed about what we buy, but the reason to buy is emotional. A campaign that's all information, and low in emotion, isn't a good way to grow sales. This is more than just 'showing the benefits' - that's good selling, but of itself, not enough - it's about  customers seeing how they can express themselves in what they buy.

Break the pattern:  Your campaign must be memorable. And it won't be if it's like everyone else's.
Your offer is different from all the others. Your ads are different from all the others. Your point of sale promotion is different from all the others. And your visual merchandising is more interesting than all the others.

Generate Trust: No one doubts that trust is vital in business. But does your sales campaign engender trust? It's not easy to run a campaign that makes a compelling offer, but doesn't seem too good to be true. Cynicism and scepticism are rampant. So focus on generating trust as you prepare your campaign.

So here's the takeout!

  • Start building sales while the market is still running your way.
  • Run a campaign that is different,
  • Make your message clear
  • Keep your campaign consistent, and
  • Be sure your message is emotionally appealing.

Do that, and the slowdown that just has to come, will hit others more than it hurts you!

If you'd like to find out more, talk to us, or ask us a question here! Remember, there's no charge or obligation, and you get a whole hour's consultation free. This same offer also applies in New Zealand.