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the final step -

Win a heart

win their hearts!

Now it's time to refocus staff attitudes towards the people who really pay the bills!  With sales soaring and confidence high over the last couple of years, good old customer service had taken a back seat! To win this year, you'll need to put it front and centre. Again!

Buying is done with the heart! Of course you'll get all the information and make a careful choice, but in the end it's an emotional commitment you have to make. Whether it's a new car or paper towels at the supermarket, it's still an emotion - just a different mix.

You need to feel good to make the best purchase, but over the last couple of years there has been a noticeable decline in the level of politeness and helpfulness of customer service staff in almost every sector. That's terrible, because it disinclines buyers to actually buy!

Now it's time to refocus staff attitudes - to put proper emphasis on the people really paying the bills! Extra help, extra information, and extra courtesy are inexpensive customer 'value-adders', but they pay handsome dividends! It can be your winning edge, as several of our clients have seen.

Give your customers High Power Customer Service like this, and this slowdown will hit others more than it hurts you! This is the final step in a four part plan to win! See the whole battle plan in January Management Memos

You know what 'customer service' is - it's been talked to death. Click Here to see more on customer service. Print it as a handout to help you train your staff!

An excellent government booklet has been prepared. Good for business owners and managers. Click Here to get the booklet.

A complete overview of customer service training and practice appeared in an earlier edition of Management Memos - Including a Customer Charter. Click Here to see it.

You know how important this is, but you can't get around to it. The Red Zebra can provide a Customer Service training program just for you. Click Here for details.

If you'd like to find out more, talk to us, or ask us a question here! Remember, there's no charge or obligation, and you get a whole hour's consultation free.

This same offer applies in New Zealand. Click Here!