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March 2019

March 2019 Selling Is Changing!

Everything is.

Whether it's the way a house is built, or the way your car is serviced, or even how you watch television, everything is changing. Selling, too, is changing - so if you're still refining your same old selling skills, you need a change! Sales automation!

Taking A Look At Selling

This month, we follow up the February Edition 'Drive Every Sale You Can In 2019', suggesting ways sales automation can hone your effectiveness in the sales battle!

Sure, people are still people, and when it comes to closing the sale, tried and tested techniques make sure we don't let a sale get away. It's how we get to the 'close' that's the whole new 'ball of wax'.

The take-out from our last edition was a three band approach to driving sales.

  • First, we explored creating 'experience merchandising',  a new selling environment lets your buyers anticipate the 'zzzzinggg' of ownership!
  • Then, we showed the benefit of engaging across all channels, being careful to optimise your website for mobile devices!
  • Finally, we showed how to make every touch point an outstanding customer experience (CX).

All these things are about creating the right environment for selling, and making it easy for prospective customers to say 'Yes'.

Despite all this, you still have to bring the prospect to the point of closing, so you can make them into a buyer!

Real-life Example From Last Week

New Blinds

New blinds at home!

One of our people needed some new blinds. There was a stall in the shopping centre mall, so she made an enquiry.

Immediately, using the laptop in the mall, her details were entered into the seller's database. The appointment for a home visit was made, and a confirmation email was on its way, hitting her phone just moments later.

The rest is history. She bought those blinds with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of convenience. That supplier captured that sales lead and turned it into a sale.

They used modern technology, just as a matter of routine. Can you do the same?

This Could Be You

Air-conditioning Showroom

Strong showroom sales

You're running an air-conditioning business, it's hot, and your sales team is doing a good job. They're really 'kickin' butt'. Leads are coming in from showroom visitors, from your advertising, from word-of-mouth referrals, from your website, and your supplier's website too.

Keeping track of all of these is some task. Appointing the leads takes a lot of time. Just when you think you've got it all stitched up, delays pop-up in finishing the houses. Your schedule and sales plan all fly out the window! Back to Square 1.

To handle these interruptions and create a smooth, and efficient, work flow, you'll probably need another sales or admin person - and that means more cost and more staff co-ordination.

Pointers To The Future

Various Screen Sizes

Your website must be responsive

In the face of long-standing difficulties in retailing, now showing as sales slowdowns in other markets and trades, and finally with the spectre of falling house prices impacting on business loans, it really is the time to actually do something! And that something is clear! You need to get, and close, more sales opportunities.

Get serious about lead generation on-line, it is the sales area that's expanding right now, and can generate many new leads. To do that needs a strong e-commerce site that's mobile friendly.

Not just 'responsive' - as it must be to look good on all screen sizes. Your site also has to load quickly on a phone and be so easy to use. That will get the new leads you need. Your e-commerce site isn't only about making the sale on-line.

It's also time to get serious about husbanding those leads into sales. That means capturing every lead and not letting any slip. Then nurturing each lead until it's time for the prospect to hear your proposition, so you can really sell it.

Technology Can Help

Yes. Technology can help. But what technology? And how can you get started? Does this kind of discussion ring a bell ....

"I've looked at all this kind of thing before. How can it help this business of mine? We finish up with all kinds of 'experts' charging fees whether things work or not, then you've got staff training, things keep going wrong and no-one helps you. Meanwhile we're just getting on with business as usual in the same old way, except it's harder because we've got all this technology claptrap too!"

Woa! That's well off the track.

If that's your experience, you've had bad advice, or made an unhelpful decision. As management consultants, we're always encouraging our readers and clients to get good advice - before taking any decision!  That way you do get the technology that not only can, but will, help you run your operation more effectively.

What Technology Can Do This?

This is easier said than done.

First, you need a good database program to handle your customer and lead data.
Keeping and nurturing previous and existing customers is a big job, but it has lots of similarities to keeping and nurturing a new sales lead. All this information in one database makes you pretty powerful!

Second, you need a good sales automation program to keep those leads alive.
Your sales team isn't Mandrake or SuperWoman. They can only do what they can do, and good sales opportunities slip through the cracks while they're doing it. Sales automation stops the leaks!

On-line Sales ShareGrowth

Capturing and Nurturing Sales Leads

Are you on your own in this?  You can be. Or you can Click or Tap here to contact us and get professional advice. We can introduce you to a strong, globally successful, sales automation program.

Think of it as scalable sales for your size business - to save you money while it makes you even more effective!

Just like the nail gun has helped builders but not displaced the hammer, sales automation helps creative business people get more leads, make more sales, and drive their business further. Especially now!

Here's the way to sales success in 2019

Capture and track every lead

Nurture each lead until the customer is ready to buy

Keep tabs on how every lead is progressing, and follow up every one as and when appropriate

Do all this with sales automation. That makes it both reliable, and inexpensive!


Conditions for general trading are still ambiguous, and house prices keep falling. In the midst of this bleak outlook, 'Management Memos' keeps building a powerfully positive approach to sales success.

We can help you explore the challenges you face, and the opportunities they represent.

Let's discuss it on a phone call. After that, you can just hang up - if that's what you'd like to do. NSA!

Phone us (see the numbers below) or use the contact form here to get help. Absolutely obligation free.


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