'Corporate Class' Recruiting

Find it easier to recruit better staff

When you already have a really good business plan, and you are well engaged with the market, you still need the right staff. Getting people is easy. Getting the right people is an entirely different matter. Our Q3 program will show you the difference.

  • 'Q3' Recruiting

    Makes you decide what you need. Helps you make the right selection

  • Self Selection

    Do you want a load of applicants to sift through, or good suitable ones?

  • Rating by numbers

    Ranking applicants by agreed criteria makes the process simpler, clearer

  • After recruiting, what?

    Even the best candidates fail if they don't get started right. So we help!

  • Will it work out?

    No-one can tell. But using the Q3 process gives you very good odds

  • Need more help with staff?

    Perhaps you need more, so ask about our 'People Pathways' program.



There are always staff issues, but they are resolved more easily with My Red Zebra. It's easy for you. Our programs makes sure of that.


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