10 Major Challenges In Managing SMEs

SME managers face different challenges

Your 10 Major Challenges

Find solutions for all of them right Here, at My Red Zebra.

  1. Lift Your Business to a New Level

    You know your business very well, but now is the time to take the next step. Using the powerful "BizMap®" business mapping tool, My Red Zebra helps you find clear alternative paths forward.

  2. Plan for Commercial Success

    The old measure, "Compared to last year" just won't cut it these days! You need a real budget if you want to make headway. It's easy, and the proven way to business success.

  3. Make Your Business Perform

    The "BizMon©" Business Monitor accepts all your monthly results, and shows how you are performing. It also shows what your end-of-year results look like. Fix the "train wreck" before it happens. You'll have time to take corrective action.

  4. Price for Profit

    Pricing is your most powerful business development tool. Yet all the usual approaches to pricing used by SME's have the same problems.  My Red Zebra pricing tools help you set prices that will win you business, and increase your margins.

  5. Recruit and Manage Staff

    Getting the right staff is priceless! The Q3 method has been developed over thirty years. When the selection is done, all the necessary appointment processes are pre-prepared for you.

  6. Market Your Business Better

    My Red Zebra Marketing and Merchandising planner is based squarely on your budget, and your need to achieve business goals. It not only saves you money - it makes you money!!!

  7. Increase Your Sales

    Every business can increase sales by taking a few simple steps.The 'Master Selling' program is a one day seminar that's worth every penny! It's focussed on training your staff in selling techniques that do work

  8. Turn Leads into Customers

    Sales leads are very expensive. Make as many of them into customers as you can. People visit the showroom or the sales yard, visit the store, or enquire by phone or web. Have your staff work every sales lead for every sales opportunity there is.

  9. Turn Customers to Referrals

    Look after your customers, and make them into walking, talking advertisements - for you! There's a wide suite of tools to make sure your customer service is constantly improving - and that's the best form of advertising!

  10. Showrooms that Sell!

    No good having a great display, unless you make it sell for you. Learn the simple steps! Visual merchandising is a skill that can be learned, so as well as making your showroom look good, it makes money for you too.

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